Saturday, August 20, 2005

National Airborne Day

Have a jump on us!

And seriously I jumped for the first time since my broken ankle on Thursday on a sweet jump on St Mere Eglise DZ at Fort Bragg on Thursday.

CASA212 aircraft...ramp exit with a steerable MC1-1D parachute.

Nice exit and a soft landing, with a long walk in on the DZ on a humid day.

Great to be back jumping again, but my first one back was a softball pitch, but good enough for pay.



Blogger Subsunk said...

Back on the horse you rode in on, I see. It always feels better when you kick the bull in the ass after he chased you around the pen previously. Welcome back to the Fit for Full Duty status youngster.


7:52 PM  
Blogger AFSister said...


That's great news, Redleg! I bet it felt good to hit the air again.

7:31 AM  
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