Saturday, July 23, 2005

Thank you from C Battery

I asked Subsunk if I could post this. He and his friends have sent packages to my old battalion in Afghanistan. 1SG Robinson kindly wrote back:

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 7:53 AM
Subject: Thank You

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Lucinda & the gals at First State Home Loans, John and of course all the other great Texans that contributed to this package. Thank you.

Quite a few of Soldier's here are from Texas. You obviously know my name already but I'll tell you a little about myself and where we're located. I'm a First Sergeant in an Airborne Field Artillery Battery from Fort Bragg, NC. We're part of the All American 82nd Airborne Division, "America's Guard of Honor". I have 75 Soldier's in country and we are currently located at Forward Operating Base Salerno, which is in southeast Afghanistan near the town of Khowst, which is not far from the Pakistan Border.

We've been in country now for about 3 months and plan on spending another 9 months. I have some really great Soldier's that are well trained and motivated and totally understand why we are here. A large portion of my Soldiers have served here before and some, like me, have served in Iraq. My Soldier's and I really appreciate what you and many more Americans like you do for us and the support you give us. Thanks.

Please always remember that these are the sons and daughters of America and that they are doing exactly what their country asked of them, not always because they want to but because their country asked them.

Again Mark thanks for everything, it was all shared with my Soldiers and your sons and daughters. I've enclosed a couple of pictures for you.Mark please tell your brother Frosty that I wanted to email him a thank you for the package but I did not have his email address and by the time I realized it I had already burned his address on the box. (Prevents the locals from getting the addresses) Tell him Thank You and the Soldier's enjoyed the package and the movies.

Airborne, All the Way!!
1SG Robinson
C-Btry 3-319th AFAR


Blogger Subsunk said...

They are all welcome, but I am the thankful one. God bless all of you and the hard work you do. I am very grateful to each of you.


10:16 AM  
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