Friday, March 04, 2005

Man it sucks to be wrong

And then to wake up and discover that you were in fact actually wrong all along. A couple years late but I'm glad some of the Dems are waking up at last.

When a majority of the them decide to wake up and become a coherant party again a two party systems becomes viable. Until then they will just keep losing elections. This is a bright bit of hope that some of them are processing reality again.

A must read Bush as the Greatest President, oh no…. It is good to wake up sometimes, isn’t it. A nice cup of shut the f%@k up.

Hat tip to: Brian Tiemann’s Peeve Farm


Blogger Subsunk said...


Good link. Well worth reading. How went the certifications?


10:59 AM  
Blogger redleg said...

over and 100% certified. But it wasn't as if if we didn't certify they wouldn't send us. Kind of a catch 22. We were going whether or not we "certified". Just more good training but not the best kind I would have liked. But good nevertheless. Really good for my TOc and firing batteries. And my maneuver brothers now understand what a bear it is to do both a field artillery mission and a maneuver one at the same time.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was there no follow on bankruptcy then? The bailout of AIG FP went to (wow power leveling) hedge funds that bound credit swaps on Lehman failing or others betting on rating (wow power leveling) declines. AIG has drained over 100 billion from the government. Which had to go to those who bet on failures and downgrades. Many of whom (power leveling)were hedge funds. I-banks that had offsetting swaps needed the money from the AIG bailout or they would have been caught. Its an (wow powerleveling) insiders game and it takes just a little bit too much time for most people to think (wow gold) through where the AIG 100 billion bailout money went to, hedge funds and players, many of whom hire from the top ranks of DOJ, Fed, Treasury, CAOBO
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1:20 AM  

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