Friday, February 04, 2005

New Sisyphus

Excellent analysis of the SOTU

Very far reaching analysis and a great interpretation of President Bush's speech on the 2nd of February.

Payday activites here and prepping ourselves for movement. A beautiful if chilly day which was far better than the miserably chilly and rainy yesterday. Truly infantry weather yesterdiddy.

I am very disappointed in the short range thinking of some of my higher headquarters as a Brigade loads out for war. Incredibly frustrating thinking from combat seasoned professionals but in the end my soldiers found a solution. Sadly my higher leadership did not help them in this mission. Being deliberately vague on purpose here so bear with me. Which leads me to my next point.

I am not disappointed in the exceptional young men I have serving with me. Young officers learning their jobs by feel and doing great work by dint of intelligence, agility and great initiative. Because I can't always be there to give guidance or even sometimes to know the right thing to do. And yet these young men, officers, sergeants and privates are out there getting it done every day. These lessons on how to do their jobs right, the first time, every time without someone looking over their shoulder is what got us through Afghanistan the last time. And they will do it again. I know that, but why?

Because I have faith in them. I, a very simple man myself, who has never been able to find religious faith in anything (a true agnostic- I like to sleep in on Sundays), has the utmost belief in my fellow soldier. They can do it, any mission, as long as I give them the tools and the intent behind the goal. They have never failed me unless I failed them first or didn't lead them correctly. The widely disparate firebases and FOBs of Afghanistan will make them rely on themselves and each other to get the mission done...whatever it is.

And so it irritates me when my team refuses to let them have the tools to do that job to the best of their ability. To deliberately choose to do nothing because it is easier than saying "yes". No is the start point for all negotiation, it has recently been told to me. And we start to get it done. And we will. But sometimes I wish we were smarter about it.

A great NCO once told me, quoted below too, "I can teach him how to make a better decision. I can't teach him how to make a decision." Truer words never spoken this day.

Thank goodness I am not wearing greens today. Too close to this to wear a tie today. Must have beer soon, or a scotch.

I hope my Makarov parts have arrived to let me vent my frustration this day.


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