Tuesday, February 08, 2005


This one is a little late and my father in law forwarded it to me.

This was passed from one of my Coast Guard friends. The message below had been forwarded from a Marine friend of his in Iraq. Interesting to all except Rather.

Hope everyone is well. Elections right around the corner here.
Everything is going very well (except for the visit we just had from Dan Rather and his freakin' entourage.). A more pompous (but scared and nervous) bunch of individuals I have never met before. Actually, keep your eyes out for Rather's report on our company in Lutufiyah (Golf Company, 2nd Bn, 24th Marines from Madison, Wisconsin). Should be
interesting. The report should air on 60 Minutes II on Wednesday night your time, if somebody could tape it for me. I would really like to see what they keep in the report and what they edit out. Rather, that lowlife clown, kept trying to bait my young Marines with loaded questions and they kept putting it right back in his face. Best part
was when he asked one of the Marines why they don't like the media.

The answer he got was, "that you idiots make the terrorists look like giants whenever they explode a bomb. They're not
they're nothing but a bunch of cowards. But they do know that you guys in the press will eventually beat down public opinion with your constant focus on only the negative." Rather just looked at these guys with a scrunched up face, and did not give an answer back. I think he was ready to leave the "Mad Ghosts" area as soon as he could. Funny part, none of
us were really sad to see him and his traveling circus hit the road.

Bottom line on this whole thing is that on Sunday, we will be involved in an historic event of immense proportion. A democratic election in Muslim country has never before taken place in this region. These people, over the ages, decades, and centuries of their existence, have always lived under the direct rule of one monarch type of leader or another. This
is a momentous occasion, to say the least.

Sincerely and Best Regards,
I Remain, As Always, Semper Fidelis,
Nick Sass

Major Sass, N.J., United States Marine Corps
S-3/Battle Officer (Mayhem Forward)
Callsign: "Snapshot"
Task Force 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines "The Mad Ghosts"
24th Marine Expeditionary Unit
1st Marine Division
Mahmudiyah, Iraq

Ouch Dan, Ouch


Blogger Subsunk said...

God bless Major Sass. Hope he keeps saying what he thinks.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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