Monday, January 31, 2005

The ultimate Dear John letter

Very squared away. Just like the Iraqi elections this weekend. Dear John

The ultimate response to a Dear John letter...
You gotta love a man like this,

A Marine was deployed to Afghanistan. While he was there he received a letter from his girlfriend.

In the letter she explained that she had slept with two guys while he had been gone and she wanted to break up with him. AND, she wanted pictures of herself back.

So the Marine did what any squared-away Marine would do. He went around to his buddies and collected all the unwanted photos of women he could find. He
then mailed about 25 pictures of women (with clothes and without) to his girlfriend with the following note:

"I don't remember which one you are. Please remove your picture and send the rest back."


Blogger Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

ROFL! That's good.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Subsunk said...


That man will be a Sergeant Major some day. Shows initiative and ingenuity. Pass on my thanks for making my day. Good on you, son.


8:06 AM  
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