Sunday, January 16, 2005

Should the Iraqi Elections be postponed?

This a good question for us all, but I would think no. Ralph Peters wrote a pretty good editorial on this one yesterday or the day before. Postpone elections, no matter how flawed (some might say as flawed as American elections perhaps) and you postpone democracy and Iraqis taking responsibility for their future.

Perhaps this is why the insurgents and terrorists are so terrified of this. And why they have gone into remission in Afghanistan after the successful and bloodless elections there (2 feet of snow in the passes helps this as well). A successful election in Iraq would be a disaster for terrorists everywhere. One more sanctuary gone.

And many liberals absolutely want the elections postponed for some reason. Perhaps the same reasons, I don't know but these days I get the feeling many Democrats are actively rooting for our failure in the Middle East. The news media surely is on the enemies side based on their objective reporting.

I would say let the elections come and let the Iraqi people choose. It is time. Please comment if you have a mind to.


Blogger Kevin F said...

Since I am not there, take this post with a grain of salt.

I would say not to postpone the elections.
The reason I say this is because to postpone the elections is to give the terrorists a victory and that just cannot happen.

The biggest concern I have regarding the upcoming elections in Iraq is the overall turn out. I just hope that a good amount of Iraqi's stand up and become part of the solution instead of sitting around waiting for someone to do it for them.

No matter what goes on, you know there is going to be drama. Those people over there could screw up getting wet in a swimming pool, IMO.

11:47 PM  
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